Owner Project Management Services

Project Management Company in Worcester

Cardinal provides Owner Project Management (OPM) services for all types of public and private construction projects. Staffed with a highly diverse team of professionals in the construction industry, Cardinal provides owners with program management, project management, and construction management expertise, advocating on behalf of their clients throughout the life of the construction project.

We have the in-house capabilities and resources to monitor all phases of the construction project, from feasibility, project budgeting, and architect selection in the Preconstruction stage, through commissioning, final occupancy, and project close-out. Becoming part of your team at the inception of the project allows us to put our talents to work in the early planning stages with design review, budgeting, and master scheduling, when we can have the most positive impact on the project.

Quite often we meet Owners who initially are unsure if, or how, they can benefit from the services of an Owner’s Project Manager. Owner’s project management services are similar to that of a financial or tax consultant; some business matters are better served by professionals in the industry. The array of services that Cardinal provides allows our clients to rest assured that they are well represented during the design and construction of their projects, thereby allowing the client to focus on the core aspect of their business and leaving the management of the project in the hands of adept construction management professionals.