Distressed Projects & Surety Claims

Distressed Project Completion & Surety Claims Analysis

Cardinal offers Surety Construction Claims analysis and Distressed Project Completion services. Our breadth of experience in the construction industry provides us with the well-rounded skill set to offer the array of services necessary to efficiently and effectively resolve surety claims and complete construction on distressed projects.

To that end, we specialize in the investigation, independent evaluation and resolution of all types of surety claims regardless of the stage of the claim. Our involvement can begin anytime from the initial filing of a claim to the completion of defaulted work. Regardless of the stage of the claim, our basic approach remains the same; we start with in-depth research of project documentation, sort out information relevant to the dispute issues, interview project team members, investigate evidence gathered and generate an objective evaluation of the claim issue based upon the contract terms. As part of our investigations and analysis, we provide many, if not all of the following services:

  • Estimate the work completed to date and inventory the project site
  • Generate “cost to complete” construction estimates
  • Provide on-site project management from our staff of professionals
  • Analyze project schedules and generate recovery schedules
  • Generate a financial impact analysis and recovery plan
  • Evaluate claims presented
  • Project Completion

Our experience in both the technical application and practical aspects of surety claim investigations results in thorough, prompt, and cost-effective analysis and resolution of each unique case that comes our way.